In both the poems ‘Eden Rock’ and ‘Walking Away’ there is an idea of separation, there is a lot of different types of separation, some are: growing u, passing away, letting something go, etc. In this writing, I will explore the different types of separation within the two poems. 

In the poem ‘Walking Away’, written by Cecil Day-Lewis, it is written in the perspective of the father as he watches his son grow up and go off to college. The poem ‘Walking Away’ could be seen as physically growing up as the young man in the poem is starting to ‘drift’ away from his father, as he has grown up and is now off to college. The word ‘drift’ has great significance within this poem because to ‘drift’, you slowly move away from something and in this poem, the young man slowly grows up and moves away from his father. Similarly, in the poem, ‘Eden Rock’, written by Charles Causley, which is written in the perspective of the young boy, the stream slowly moves along, which is symbolic because the stream represents the fear of the young boy, this is significant because the young boy is already afraid of crossing the river, but what makes him even more afraid is the fact that if he falls in the stream, he will drift away from his parents, which frightens him. Also in the poem, Charles Causley presents the moments of separation as traumatic for a child. The parents call to him ‘over the drifted stream’ to join them on the other side, the significance of the writer using the verb, ‘drifted’, shows the danger for the child as he is on the other side of the stream.

In the poem ‘Eden Rock’,  Charles Causley shows one main moment of separation throughout the whole poem. In the poem, he  says that the young mans parents ‘are waiting’ for him in a different location. This shows the reader that the little boys parents have a good amount of trust for their young son, even though he is of a young age. Charles  is using a verb to show that this is a sad moment as the son realises that his parents are ‘waiting’, but are not in any rush to find him and include him in the family activities. The situation is similar to the idea of letting go of loved ones, as it shows that the child has grown up to be more independent and doesn’t need to rely on his parents as much as he did before. On the other hand, in ‘Walking away’, Cecil Day-Lewis shows a variety of different moments of separation. For example, Cecil speaks about memory of  his son ‘walking away’ from him and him looking for his son ‘behind the scatter of boys’. He uses a verb to show that his child was not forced to  leave him, which shows that his son has grown up and become much more independent. Also, Cecil uses preposition to show that his son has made a group of new friends and that they have started to act as a wall between father and his child. The father has to accept the change in their relationship as making new friends, is something which is out of his control. This relates to the idea of separation as his son is not as interested in spending time with his father, due to the sudden change in his lifestyle.


Essay question: How is the girl presented as too immature for a relationship in ‘The Farmers Bride’?

In ‘The Farmers Bride’ by Charlotte Mew she talks about a young girl who has become a bride too early. In this essay, I will talk about how the young girl is too immature to be in a relationship with the Farmer who is clearly a lot older than him.

Charlotte Mew presents the young girl in the ‘The Farmers Bride’ as too immature. She is too immature because one she has not got to an age were she starts to become mature, also the young girl portrays herself as valnerable and fearful of her husband. Charlotte Mew uses the words ‘run away’ in her poem. She uses this verb to emphasis the readers understanding of the young girls immaturity, as she has ‘run away’ from her responsibilities as a bride, rather than confronting her husband of the feeling she has that she is too young to be his bride. The fact that Charlotte Mew uses a verb to help us further understand the situation is very spontaneous because the action ‘run away’ shows us that the young girl is cowering away from her responsiblities.

The young girl in ‘The Farmers Bride’ is also to immature for a relationship because now that she has been married, to seal the deal, she had to have sex with the farmer which has mentally affected her. These actions portray her as immature because any women who has taken the responsibilities of marriage and has had their verginity taken away has dealt with the situation very well, whereas, she has been effected very deeply showing that she is immature because she cannot handle the responsibilities of an adult.

I started the reading project with a film and the film I picked was Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. First I will talk about the genre of Harry Potter which is fantasy, mystery, thriller, etc. This film is the 4th Harry Potter movie to be created and this film is about Harry’s 4th year at Hogwarts a school for young witches and wizards. This is also the 4th adaptation of the Harry potter book.

In the film, Harry Potter has two best friends Ron and Hermine. Harry wears black circular glasses, has longish brown hair, is quite short and also he has a scar which was given to him by a dark wizard when he was just a baby. Harry Potter grew up with no mother or father due to them being killed by Voldermolt the dark wizard who gave him the scar when he was a baby. Harry is an only child and since his parents were killed when he was baby, he had to stay with the only relative he had, his horrible aunt, her husband and their fat son. They didn’t really like Harry because they saw him as a freak because he was different so for the whole of Harry Potter, he never liked them.

The film is very interesting, because that year in Hogwarts, they were holding the tri-wizard cup a trophie which gives the winner eternal glory. The tri-wizard games are very dangerous so the ministry of magic (magic council) put an age limit of 17, which meant that Harry could not enter. When Dubldore the headmaster of Hogworts collects the three champions from Hogwarts and the two other schools, everybody celebrates but suddenly from the cup a great fire birsts and out of the fire a paper flies out saying Harry’s name which made a lot of the other students angry and jealous especially his best friend Ron since he was to young to enter. The tournament has three stages the first is that you have to battle a dragon to get the golden egg, the second is to save someone important to you underwater and the final is a maze and the first one through it wins the tri-wizard cup. Harry made it past the first two stages but during the third stage, him and Sedrick a former contestant are transported to a grave yard. Harry is then used to bring Voldermolt back from the dead, Sedrick is then killed by Voldermolt which makes Harry angry. Harry confronts him but was overpowered and lucky to manage to e escapee with his life. When they make it out Harry tells everyone about how Sedrick was killed but nobody believed him and that is basically the end of the film.

This film links to my new theme of fantasy because the film is about wizards, giant spiders, etc which are all  make believe.

The road was long, crumbling away. It had been there for so long, it started to begin to rot. The rain was powerful almost like bricks falling from the sky, I thought to myself if I didn’t find shelter quick, the worlds natural elements would be the death of me. As I continue down the horrible road I approach the house. The house looks new, friendly like it had recently been built but one thought came to me  was why such a beautiful house was in such a horrible place. My thoughts were interrupted. Boom! I knew that the thunder had begun but the way it sounded, you  could have mistaken it for lots of bombs going off. As I continue to approach the house, I hear crash lightning comes down striking in front off me. My heart pounding, I run to the house as fast as I can the floor was slippery so I had to make sure I didn’t fall. I arrive at the door and was amazed to see how giant it was. I knock on the door and suddenly it opens. It seems as if nobody is home, so I walk in the house. As I walk in I could feel the warmth of the house, the finely decorated red walls, the modern furniture which was well decorated with such beautiful patterns. I walk down hallway to find that this house had a basement, so I continue on to go explore it.

As I walk down the stairs, I was disappointed to see how the basement was. Compared to the warmth and the bright red walls and the new modern furniture upstairs, the basement was a cold disappointment.  No colour except a stormy grey with the occasional red brick was to be seen on the walls. The basement was filled with old, decaying furniture once brand new and used, now unwanted. The furniture which once sat in  the drawing-room were now sat in a ghostly silence and the chairs arranged in a circle as if awaiting a group of guests that never came. Stood up against walls and chairs were the portraits with sad expressions. Boredom and self-importance etched in their long, serious faces. I felt their eyes on me wherever I moved, I felt watched and not alone.

It was now night-time and the rain had stopped it was a cold, clear and silent night the moon shining as dogs barked in the distance. The atmosphere was much the same in the damp basement. The trees outside moaned at being disturbed by the firm, gentle breeze which carried on annoying them, getting stronger making the trees moan louder and their old bark start creaking. The only source of light in the basement came from a medium-sized pentagonal window the moonlight illuminating the peaceful specs of dust happily swimming in the vast cold, dark and silent sea, illuminating a small part of the gloomy  basement.  I saw shadows dance and slide across the walls as the wind annoyed the trees.

I will be studying comedy

The book is called

A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole (1980)


Flying Television

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